AIBD/NRK/TPBS In-Country Workshop on Children’s TV Programme
23 – 27 February 2015 Bangkok, Thailand


Introduction and Rationale

The efforts put into the production of children's programmes around the world differ widely. Children today must relate to global media to a far greater extent than before, but children need to take their own cultural ballast with them in order to be able to understand and take other cultures, values, and religions seriously and accept them. What we offer children regarding nationally produced programmes helps to strengthen their identity and their linguistic and cultural foundation. The smaller the language and cultural area – the more important this is. The training of local producers is important to make these programmes as good as possible.


The workshop aims at providing the participants an introduction to children's perception of media, as well as an introduction of working methods to make them excellent media-workers with and for children. This course will be focused as well on the Thai PBS Children’s TV productions planned by Thai PBS.


To provide an overview of the trends in international children's programme.
To work with children in television production
To learn storytelling, writing, and structuring of programme production for children
To work with brainstorm as method
To discuss their own work in relation to international productions


TPBS Introduction about Children’s TV Programmes
What is Drama (and Drama Exercises)
What is Documentary (and Documentary Exercises)
Writing Exercises
Screening and Discussion of Participant Programmes
Transmedia Storytelling
Use of Web
Different Age-Groups Studies (focused on 6-11 years old children)
Screenings and Discussions of International Programmes for Children
Brainstorming as a Method
Group-work Manuscript on TPBS Children’s TV Programmes
Pitching of the Manuscripts

Profile of Participant

Producers, Programme directors and editors with at least 1 year of media-production experience and/or interests in production for children.
Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently.