Four years may be a small step for Thai PBS, but it is a big enough step to prove its significant role in giving voice to and empowering the public. We have received positive feedbacks from the audience, experts and organizations in different sectors of the society; more importantly, we have garnered numbers of prestigious awards. With these, we can speak with confidence that Thai PBS has been walking steadfastly on the right direction. Unlike other commercial televisions, our news, programs and activities all contribute to changes and awareness in the society. We play an important role in empowering the citizen to speak up, encouraging social changes. Most of all, Thai PBS has become an active player in verifying authority and giving voices to people from all walks of life.

We have come so far. Our shared goal is to create the public broadcasting service that best serves the public interest – not only in Thailand but also on an international stage.

We have successfully written the first chapter of Thailand’s public media. There will be no more questions on what PBS is. The answer is shown day and night on our screen, on which we offer the audience numerous harmless and inspiring programs. If you ask the parents about good television shows they prefer their children to watch, I am sure the name of Thai PBS would be one of the first that come to their mind.   

This marks the crowning achievement of our efforts in bringing changes and better future to the Thai society – and it should be our greatest pride.