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Established under the Thai Public Broadcasting Service Act, B.E. 2551 (2008), Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) is the first and only public media in the country. Since its inception, Thai PBS has been committed to promote active and informed citizenry with its diverse information and edutainment programs. The hallmark of Thai PBS is its independence which enables it to report without fear or favor, while strictly abiding by the code of ethics that ensures accurate, fair, balanced and impartial news coverage.
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Throughout its eight years of operation, Thai PBS has been serving the public not only as a channel for reliable news, but also as a source of information, thought-provoking and knowledge-building programs. Especially in times of disaster when free flow of information is most crucial, Thai PBS stands out as broadcaster the public can always trust. Disaster-related news and information programs of Thai PBS have a clear objective to increase public awareness of various types of disasters so that the people are equipped with knowledge on how to reduce the risk of disasters from taking place, and to know how to protect their lives and property when they do.    

1. Disaster Risk Reduction Program
Thai PBS presents a weekly news-based information program on disasters and disaster early warning. Its objective is to increase understanding of the public and promote popular participation in drawing and implementing project on disasters prevention and reduction. The program features news reports from the areas affected by disasters, supported by background information, views and opinions from various parties concerned, and in-depth analysis by specialists.

1.1 News and Current Affairs Programs 
Programs in this category focus on reporting and updating information to citizens with current situations and breaking news.

1.2 Information Analysis Program 

Thai PBS presents in-depth information programs along with academic analysis so that the audience are better informed of current situations, problems, preparations and guidelines for disaster risk reduction in the future.  


1.3 Public Participation Program

This is an open forum where citizens can bring up problems, recommendations and lessons learnt from disasters. We can be a center for integration and coordination between citizens, government officials, individuals and other networks. Thai PBS has established Thai PBS Helping Center to aid and give advices to victims affected by disasters. In 2011, Thai PBS had a helping center and coordination for victims from the flood. In May 2014, a helping center for earthquake in Chiang Rai was set up to assist and rehabilitate infrastructure and people’s morale in the affected area. 

2. Animations Promoting Knowledge and Awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction

Thai PBS has developed an efficient method to communicate on disaster risk reduction in form of animations and short videos clips that can be easily understood by the audiences. It will increase knowledge and awareness on disaster risk reduction for citizens.  
Thai PBS, in cooperation with 'Roo-Soo-Flood' (To know to be able to fight flood) team, has created animation series to promote understanding of the public on disasters and how to be safe on disasters. The Whale-animation series were shown widely during the mega flood in 2011 and the new Elephant-animation series were shown to promote understanding of the people about the earthquakes which struck the northern region of the country in May 2014 and after.

Thai PBS organized an animation competition on “Climate Change” for university students in 2013 and the awarded animations were regularly broadcast on Thai PBS and shown at various international media forum and workshops in the region. 


Apart from animation contest, last year Thai PBS in collaboration with Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) organized Video Clip on Disaster Risk Reduction Competition in 2014 to showcase the benefits of disaster risk reduction policies to nations and communities as well as to encourage increasing investments in prevention and mitigation measures.



1. Media Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction  

As parallel activities of the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction hosted by Thailand in June 2014, Thai PBS held three media workshops for ASEAN journalists, Thai citizen journalists and Thai youth journalists. The objective of the workshops is to exchange experience, create networks cooperation and promote the roles of media in times of disasters. More than 150 people participated in these three workshops, each of which came up with resolution and guideline for their works on disaster reporting and increasing of public awareness on disaster risk reduction. 
2. Promote Knowledge and Development 

To support the work of disaster reporters, the Academic Institute of Public Media has produced two booklets on flood disasters - one consisting of lessons learned and guidelines for the journalists who report on flood, and the other consisting of knowledge and analysis on flood  and flood prevention by experts and specialists in this field.
3. International Activities 
Thai PBS has received recognition from the media organizations, disaster agencies and international organizations, as leading broadcaster in Thailand that gives high priority to the issues of disaster risk reduction. Thai PBS was a media partner of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) in hosting the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2014 in Thailand. Thai PBS took part in promoting the role of media in disaster risk reduction including video clips competition, workshop for journalists, exhibition on Thai PBS and disaster risk reduction and broadcasting the conference via Thai PBS Web TV.

In 2016, Thai PBS in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) will be hosting the 2nd Media Summit on Climate Change, ICTs and Disaster Risk Reduction in May in the southern province of Phuket. The summit will be a place for media practitioners to meet and discuss as well as to exchange experiences on disaster, climate change and the work that they do.

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