Our Philosophy


To be a public media institution that strives to promote a just and an informed society.


To provide innovative and comprehensive broadcasting services of high standard based on code of ethics, public interest and cost-effectiveness.


  • To encourage public awareness and participation in the building of a just and democratic society through bold and impartial reporting with public interest at its heart.
  • To educate, inform and entertain every sector of the society with an aim of promoting quality citizenry.
  • To inspire and encourage imagination and creativity.
  • To contribute to a sense of identity, cultural diversity and social harmony.
  • To reflect social diversity and provide space for minorities and specific groups with an aim of promoting public participation both at the local and national levels.
  • To help forge understanding and good relationship both at the local and global levels.


Code of Ethics

As public broadcaster, Thai PBS has a distinctive place in the Thai media industry. Its code of ethics insures that Thai PBS carry out its mission with full accountability and integrity as well as respects for the rights of others. All personnel of Thai PBS are obliged to strictly abide by its code of ethics that governs program production and program contents. The process of designing the code of ethics was inclusive, taking into account opinions and suggestions from representatives of Thai PBS employees, program producers, the Audience Council and experts in the field of mass communications.

Thai PBS has a sub-committee to oversee conduct of employees at all levels and to monitor program and news contents to make sure that they are in compliance with the code of ethics. The committee also investigates complaints about breaches of the code of ethics from Thai PBS audiences.