Message from Director General of Thai PBS

Mr. Kritsada Ruengareerat - The New General Director of Thai PBS

On Thursday 15 January 2016, the board of governor of Thai PBS have finished the final interview of the 5 candidates for the Thai PBS director general position. 2/3 of them had selected Mr. Kritsada Ruengareerat as the new general director of Thai PBS, of which he would soon be invited to be informed of the details of his employment contract before the signing of his contract.

The board of governors of Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) have been through the process of the final interview with five candidates of the new Thai PBS director general on Thursday, 14 January 2016. It has come to the decision that the vote, two out of three, nominated Mr. Kritsada Ruengareerat as the new general director of Thai PBS.
Mr. Kritsada Ruengareerat has presented his visions after the interview that “(He) wants to change Thai PBS to be a television station that can truly drive society. Since the change of an era, the media maker are not only from media industry because these days consumers choose content; that is the important viewpoint to make a change media landscape.”
“Among newborn digital televisions, from my perspective, Thai PBS’ new way of thinking and working will not be just a Television station yet its standpoint will be changed to ‘social mechanism’ that must create the distinctiveness to the station. By focusing on social movement that leads to structure change to the society through the multi platforms of media; website television, programme, news, everything need to be integrated. (Thai PBS) needs to increase corroboration with networking organizations as well as to create proper ideology of public media in the organization, also to introduce ideas and perspectives to the society.”
  Mr. Kritsada further stresses that ”even though (I) have worked directly in television station, but I have had experiences in the area of communication design for over 14 years as it can be seen from big social campaigns when I was working for Thai Health Promotion Foundation. In which every social issues need to use communication to reach people. Moreover, in the past we used to support programme productions over 150 programmes, for that reason I understand content selection and news presentation”